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How Ryanair’s Innovation Strategy has made it the EU’s Most Hated Airline

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary (a boy genius and Irish bog snorkeling champion) gives a hilarious masterclass on airline marketing & innovation. You’ll also earn how Ireland’s Low Fare Airline Ryanair became Europe’s most popular airline & the EU’s most hated airline. Let’s just say the European Innovation Convention will never invite him back again.

It’s clear from watching this video that having a single minded business proposition is extremely powerful. In Ryanair’s (Ryanair Website) case this proposition is “low Fares” and it influences every single one of their business and marketing decisions. This has proved an exceptionally succussful business strategy.

Ryanair have never even hired an advertising agency as it would cost too much. Instead, their marketing strategy revolves around humorous ads and PR. And much to the distain of the EU Airline Commission, it’s obviously working as Ryanair is the world’s favourite airline, with 1,300+ low fare routes across 27 countries.

The person who booked Michael o’Leary for this event has probably had their EU afternoon nap cut short as punishment. But as it’s the EU they’re probably still meeting and thinking it through.

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