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AMC Zombie Apocalypse on the streets of New York

One of our favourite TV shows The Walking Dead, is not longer available on DirectTV because the contract between Dish Network and AMC hasn’t been renewed. This really sucks and in protest AMC set their Zombies free on the streets of NYC to wreak havoc. The results of this viral ambient marketing campaign aren’t pretty but they sure are effectively scary. It’s also a brave move given the outbreak of Zombie attack stories on the news recently e.g.  insane naked man attacked a homeless guy and ate his face off  like a rabid wolf in Miami.

The objective of ambient marketing (often referred to as guerilla marketing) such as this is to create a unique means of grabbing people’s attention in a way that is surprising and memorable. AMC have certainly delivered on this objective. Let’s hope they “Put the Zombies back on TV“.

I think we all know traditional forms of advertising like Radio ads, TV commercials and Newspaper ads, no longer grab the attention of consumers. This is why ambient marketing could potentially help your business or cause stand out from the crowd.

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