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How much would your business pay for a celebrity tweet?

Kim Kardashian TwitterAfter reading Kim Kardashian charges $10k per tweet we decided to ask Jason Alexander AKA George Costanza from Seinfeld how much he charges per tweet.

As it turns out, a tweet from Jason Alexander is free. A retweet however, will cost you $500.



fluffylinks: Kim Kardashian charges $7k per tweet. What do you charge?My tweets r free. My retweets r $500. Make check out to "Human Fund".
jason alexander


(At the time, we for some reason thought Kim’s going rate was $7K per tweet)

This FluffyLinks tweet was just a bit of fun, (for what it’s worth, the tweet did get featured on USA Today), but it did get us thinking.

Twitter, has already transformed how people communicate and it’s no surprise then that those greedy celebs want in on the action. What would your business pay for a celebrity tweet?

Websites such as Ad.ly and Twtmob that marry brands to influential Twitters are springing up all over the place. Ad.ly, is a website which helps brands connect with consumers via the most influential people on Twitter. Toyota, Best Buy, Microsoft, American Airlines, NBC and Sony are some of the brands who have already used the service.

Yet, celebrity endorsements tread a fine line when it comes to authenticity and transparency.

100% of our messages are disclosed with “(Ad)” and if the message is from us you can see “from Ad.ly network” in the small text below the Tweet.” Derek Rey (@d_rey), the co-founder of Ad.ly.

Stars getting paid big bucks to tweet is nothing new, the real question is if it’s worth the investment?

$10k for a Kim Kardashian tweet might seem like an obscene amount of money. However, from an advertising perspective we believe it’s actually pretty good value as it’s cheaper than a traditional advertising campaign.

Kim Kardashian has over 11 million followers and a Klout score of 93. Regardless of what you think of Klout score and provided, the people who follow Kim are in your target market, I can assure you that spending $10k on a Kim Kardashian tweet will get your product or brand more exposure than a similar $10k investment on a broadsheet press advert or $50k TV spot.

Granted Kim Kardashian has a faithful group of followers, it’s still difficult but not impossible to measure whether paid tweets lead people to spend.

While researching this post I came across this case study on how Khloe Kardashian used Twitter to promote Jordan Corey’s newest single “Lady” to a large female audience between 18 aand 25. I also discovered CampusLIVE paid Lindsay Lohan about $3,500 for one tweet which resulted in 4,500 clicks to their website. This equates to $o.77 cent a click and at this price point celebrity tweeting competes with Google Adwords and Facebook advertising.

This two minute clip by comedian Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien) sums up what is happening in traditional media and the panic going through TV and newspaper boardrooms around the world.

Celeb tweets might be the marketing stunt you need to grab an audience at a time when many people skip TV commercials and newspaper sales are declining.

In the greater scheme of things a $500 retweet by Jason Alexander might not be such a crazy idea after all.

Great read!! Essential wisdom!!$10k for a Kim Kardashian tweet anyone? http://t.co/w4dru1MU via @



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