The world’s first app for wedding crashing

If you’re as addicted to cheesy music, second rate food and not so hot cousins as R/GA’s Creative Director Eric Schlakman is, then you too will love his new wedding crasher app ‘Crash Corsage’.

We are gathered here today to witness the holiest of unions: you and the wedding you’ll be crashing. Just download Crash Corsage, dust off your tuxedo, and prepare your heart, liver, and genitals for a never-ending parade of strangers’ weddings. Crash Corsage

The truth is R/GA’s didn’t create this app because of their creepy love affair with wedding crashing. Instead, the reason they created this app is to market their creative services. The ‘Crash Corsage’ app showcases R/GA’s & Eric Schlakman’s ability to create creepy social gamified apps. This is also a great way to generate PR and this stunt has already featured on Time Magazines website “New App Helps You Crash Weddings

Good luck wedding crashing like Vince Vaughn, but watch out for Bridezilla. If she catches you it’s game over!


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