Up and Over It: Handling Dancing Right

Here’s a bit of good news for those of you with two left legs. There’s a new craze sweeping across the internet called hand dancing, or to sound intellectual, Irish dance for the post pop generation. The bad news is it looks just as difficult and is not an adequate substitute for those cringe-worthy dance moves at your friend’s wedding.

Up and Over It is not just about hand dancing however, and the above video with We No Speak Americano ft. by Yolanda Be Cool is what has brought them to the attention of over five million Youtube viewers. They have over 17,000 fans on their Facebook page and they have even appeared in a McDonalds Campaign. Ok, so no one is perfect.

Up and Over It consists of Suzanne Cleary & Peter Harding who are two of the most innovative Irish Dancers in the world. Cleary & Harding spent four years with Riverdance so they know all about Irish Dancing. Don’t let Riverdance put you off as this dance team takes dance in Ireland well beyond the range of “Riverdance,” and makes it really entertaining. Up and Over is their first solo project and we’d recommend you go see them live.

Run from Up & Over It on Vimeo.

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