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New research shows… wait for it!

Non social media people don’t use Twitter everyday.

Yip it’s true, that’s according to Michael Gray and his article on how to get more Twitter followers using his follower raid strategy. We think Michael Gray should let go of the pirate tendencies (you’ll understand once you read his post) and stop trying to pull the wool of non social media people.

If you want to get Twitter followers it’s simple, be interesting and relevant. It’s better to have a community of 20 loyal followers who are interested in what you have to say, than 5000 followers who don’t really care. If you want some half decent advice on how to get Twitter followers have a read of this Kevin Rose post from 2009 (TechCrunch Website).

Remember there’s no exact science to social media just be yourself.

Enjoy the ride.

HubSpot Making Friends on Social Networks

So true

Cartoon via Hubspot

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