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The Marketing MixThis is is the first edition of The Marketing Mix. The Marketing Mix is a roundup of what’s going on in the Digital Marketing & Social Media world along with other Marketing Trends and Tips.

The 2011 Webbys

Last night the 15th Annual Webby Awards were webcast for the first time ever on Facebook and you can watch the entire show here. We suggest you skip past Lisa Kudrow as she was pretty lame.

Trust Twitter!

8 out of 10 experienced Twitter users believe answers on Twitter are as trustworthy as those from regular people according to this eMarketer Report. It also claims customers are crying out for businesses to answer their questions on Twitter. Is this another example of research stating the obvious? If someone asks a question whether it’s on Twitter or in their local store the least they can expect is an answer right? One company trying hard to listen to customers is tok&stok who placed furniture assembly instructions within a Twitter manual.

Facebook Losing Popularity and Facebook Stores

Facebook lost 6 million users in the U.S. last month. Mark Zuckerberg probably won’t lose much sleep just yet as it is still growing outside of America and it has its eyes set on $100 Billion IPO target in 2012.  Facebook are also rumoured to be taking an interest in Rock Melts Social Browser which isn’t that surprising as its been known unofficially as the Facebook browser. Remember Flock which no longer exists was also once referred to as the Facebook browser.

While on the topic of Facebook, JCPenney’s have built a complete store in Facebook. We think this is a good idea however BrandFreak disagrees.

Where to next with Instagram?


Instagram Photo

Lately Instagram is being hyped up all over the Internet while still having having pretty much zero revenue. For those of you who have been on holiday for the last year,  Instagram is a simple iPhone photo sharing app with a built in social network. It’s already gained over 5 million users and 100 million photos, it’s still relatively ad free compared to Facebook and Twitter.

This ad free utopia might not last for long as fashion brands such as Levi’s are falling in love with Instagram and this isn’t surprising as Instagram makes ordinary photos looks stylish. For more information on how other brands are using Instagram check out this article from Mashable.

Marketing Tools & Tips

You can integrate sleek Twitter quotes just like this one int your online articles and blogs using Blackbird Pie

Check out this showreel video of 3D projection mapping projects. Who says outdoor advertising is dead?

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