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Good Faith Collaboration

Good Faith Collaboration

Is Joseph Michael Reagle Jr’s ‘Good Faith Collaboration: The Culture of Wikipedia’ a bit of genius, or just another marketing book stating the obvious?

Wikipedia’s existence in this age of technology is an innovation all in its own. What started out as just an idea has become the world’s most used source of facts and figures. In a span of 10 years, Wikipedia has gone global and is still growing at breakneck speed. It is a much-discussed phenomenon, and finding a new spin for it is no easy task.  So how does Reagle go about it?

In his book, Reagle discusses how a good faith collaborative culture has developed as people have been encouraged to contribute by writing or editing articles and histories and participate in open discussions (through forums) within the Wikipedia community.

The gist of Reagle’s argument is this: shared efforts and knowledge can make a difference in mapping out today’s world. Ok, nothing really new there.  Ultimately, Reagle is trying to present a compelling case of how Wikipedia’s most fascinating aspect isn’t the encyclopedia itself, it’s the collaborative culture. Wikipedia simply works because people have a common interest to help make free information more accessible to others. But again, any self respecting internet marketer knows that.

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