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What Google’s Hunter Walk learnt working at Second Life, Google & Youtube

Hunter Walk Interview

Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) focuses on YouTube as a platform for social good, activism and free expression. Hunter previously led consumer product management at YouTube, delivering billions of playbacks a day to the world’s largest video community. Something Weird? My mother is an artist and when I was a kid, we’d visit graveyards to make rubbings of […]

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The Story of YouTube


Like many spotty 7 year olds around the world, Youtube is growing up fast!  Every single minute, three days worth of video is uploaded. YouTube has put together this video timeline showing off the growth of the site through the years.

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Hairy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Hot in the heels of the very hot Kelly Brooke cinema experience, Carlsberg have created another great guerrilla marketing campaign. Only this time, picture a cinema full of unfriendly looking hairy-very hairy-bikers instead of the not as hairy Kelly Brooke. This marketing stunt only took place last week and it has already generated over 1.5 million YouTube views. I’m […]

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Is the Planet Of The Apes marketing viral a little racist?

Planet of the Apes Viral Movie

The new Planet Of The Apes film is due for release on August 5 2011. This viral “Ape With AK-47” has already received over three million views on YouTube and gives a new meaning to the phrase Guerilla Marketing. But, have the marketing execs at 20th Century Fox gone a little too far with this viral marketing […]

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Life in a Day

Life in a Day

On July 24, 2010, thousands of people around the world uploaded videos of their lives to YouTube to take part in Life in a Day, a historic cinematic experiment to create a documentary film about a single day on earth. Life in a Day is an experiment by Google to create the world’s largest user-generated […]

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How to break up — with your Bank

Australian agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne was awarded the PR Grand Prix for itsBreak Up campaign for the National Australia Bank, beating 819 entries to the prize. The series of events staged by NAB showed the bank publicly ‘breaking up‘ with its rivals, garnering $5m in earned media. If only all break up letters were this easy.  

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Levi’s research shows some men like staring at ladies asses — profound right?


Men (and some women) do like to admire the rear ends of the ladies, true? It’s an evolutionary imperative some would say, merely the Superior Colliculus (very Freudian) region of the brain serving its purpose and identifying high value target. It’s a fact that one would think needs little affirmation. Nevertheless, the Rear View Girls […]

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Who are Microsoft Targeting with their Vision 2019?


When I first watched the video of Microsoft’s Vision 2019 on Youtube, the first thing that came to mind was “Great! Now what can Apple do to top that?” In other words, I found the video impressive – very much so – with some of the world’s smartest minds imagining the future of technology. World’s […]

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Kelly Brook Cinema Experience

kelly Brook Cinema Experience

Picture this: Kelly Brook serving beers before a 3D football match in a tiny red jump suit? Think that‘s unlikely? Maybe so, but that is exactly what cinema goers in Clapham experienced. Certainly better than a pick and mix but we feel this was a little contrived, as it has all the hall marks of a […]

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Noah Kalina takes a photo of himself everyday

Noah Kalina and Paris Hilton

This is a very clever example of using viral marketing for self promotion & branding. Noah Kalina is a talented photographer who takes a photo of himself everyday — and you thought Howard Hughes was obsessive. However, this is actually pretty moving as you visibly see him age over time. The video has nearly clocked […]

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