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Somersby Cider takes the Beep out of Apple Stores

somersby cider the somersby Apple store

First Samsung poked fun at Apple with “The Next Big Thing” which became an instant viral marketing hit. Now a cider company called Somersby Cider (part of the Carlsberg group), have launched their own ingenious take on the Apple Store. Apple are either plotting sweet revenge or sitting back with a class of chilled cider feeling rather content at how they have manipulated popular culture. […]

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Discover how this Canadian creative agency guarantees Viral Marketing success

Old Folks Viral Video

You might think creating a viral video is a lot of work and next to impossible these days. Worry not, as this new viral marketing service “Buyral” from Canadian advertising agency John St (@thetweetsofjohn) will ensure even your worst video goes viral. This new marketing service even comes with a social conscience as it provides old folk a […]

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Why Marketing Jargon is a Big Market


We think this video has the potential to go viral while engaging key influencers all over the social web. ok ok enough… just watch the video. This is in fact a very clever promo stunt for Adobe Marketing Cloud where fluffy marketing folk are given electric shocks every time they use marketing jargon. Maybe Bill Hicks […]

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The Meme Phenomenon & Carly Rae Jepsen

Justin Bieber & Carly Rae Jepsen

A meme is quite simply a concept, behaviour, or a silly idea that spreads virally. The earliest known usage of the word meme is in the book The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins published in 1976. Just as genes replicate genetic data, memes replicate cultural ideas. Memes have become the ultimate viral marketing vehicle as truly successful ones spread like wildfire online. It’s […]

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The 5 Secrets of Viral Marketing

Brianne viral Marketing

Social networking platforms have emerged as the avenues that give shape to viral marketing campaigns over the web. In case people find a piece of information worthy of sharing, it can set off a chain reaction of sorts with people sharing the information with others they interact with on various social networking platforms. The requirement […]

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Meet Internet Sensation Reanin Johannink


We recently caught up with actress & internet sensation (8 million views in 1 week) Reanin Johannink (@reanintigerlily) for an exclusive interview. What’s it like being an internet sensation? The same as not being an Internet or Youtube sensation I guess? It’s just that more people become aware of who you are. Id like to say I […]

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Status Creative Specialise in Brand Awareness

Rob Bliss of Status Creative

We recently caught up with Rob Bliss the 23 year old creative force behind Status Creative (@CreativeStatus). Rob uses social media to drive national exposure and unheard-of brand awareness growth for clients. Well, that’s what his website claims, so lets hear from the man himself. Q1: Tell us about yourself and Status Creative. I head up […]

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Viral Marketing Kings Buds Rhett and Link

Dope Zebra

Stanley Kubrick was right. True creativity will come from individuals with a camera and a computer rather than Hollywood. Local advertising & viral marketing kings Buds Rhett and Link, have come up with something of pure creative genius. Watch who turns up at 1:14. It’s just Chuck Testa! If it looks alive, it’s not, it’s Chuck Testa. If there’s […]

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LG’s epic viral marketing video is effective

LG viral marketing smart thief caught on cam

It’s refreshing to see an effective viral marketing video for a change, especially one without smelly cats. I’m not going to give away what happens and “steal” the ending. Lets just say, LG demonstrate how to effectively communicate a products key feature (or benefit if you’re a thief) & USP through viral marketing. This is one viral video we […]

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What’s my f*cking New Year’s resolution?

new years resolution

No I haven’t developed a foul mouth over Christmas. This is the actual title of a genius yet beautifully simple New Years campaign from from BBDO Denmark. This is a great viral mechanic for sharing branded content on Twitter. Now go impress your friends! Online marketing at it’s evil best. www.whatthefuckismynewyearresolution.com    

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