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Why Marketing Jargon is a Big Market


We think this video has the potential to go viral while engaging key influencers all over the social web. ok ok enough… just watch the video. This is in fact a very clever promo stunt for Adobe Marketing Cloud where fluffy marketing folk are given electric shocks every time they use marketing jargon. Maybe Bill Hicks […]

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Meet Internet Sensation Reanin Johannink


We recently caught up with actress & internet sensation (8 million views in 1 week) Reanin Johannink (@reanintigerlily) for an exclusive interview. What’s it like being an internet sensation? The same as not being an Internet or Youtube sensation I guess? It’s just that more people become aware of who you are. Id like to say I […]

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Viral Marketing Kings Buds Rhett and Link

Dope Zebra

Stanley Kubrick was right. True creativity will come from individuals with a camera and a computer rather than Hollywood. Local advertising & viral marketing kings Buds Rhett and Link, have come up with something of pure creative genius. Watch who turns up at 1:14. It’s just Chuck Testa! If it looks alive, it’s not, it’s Chuck Testa. If there’s […]

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LG’s epic viral marketing video is effective

LG viral marketing smart thief caught on cam

It’s refreshing to see an effective viral marketing video for a change, especially one without smelly cats. I’m not going to give away what happens and “steal” the ending. Lets just say, LG demonstrate how to effectively communicate a products key feature (or benefit if you’re a thief) & USP through viral marketing. This is one viral video we […]

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What’s my f*cking New Year’s resolution?

new years resolution

No I haven’t developed a foul mouth over Christmas. This is the actual title of a genius yet beautifully simple New Years campaign from from BBDO Denmark. This is a great viral mechanic for sharing branded content on Twitter. Now go impress your friends! Online marketing at it’s evil best. www.whatthefuckismynewyearresolution.com    

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Should this Guinness Ad have been banned?


Arthur’s Day takes place this September 22nd. However I can’t recall seeing this Guinness ad on TV. Arthur’s Day refers to a series of music events which were first organised in 2009 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Guinness brewing company by its owner Diageo plc. via Wikipedia Are you inviting friends over this Arthur’s Day?

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Skittles Newlyweds in sweet blue movie


Skittles Newlyweds, Taste & Share the Rainbow by http://stepcousins.com Get ready for my sweetnesssss! And I thought grownups didn’t like sweets.

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How to make your brand go viral


Thanks to Malka Sender at The Viral Collection for sharing. Lucky Branded Entertainment created this video to promote the launch of  The Viral Collection, a curated collection of branded web videos that they created as a reference tool for competitive analysis and idea generation. It’s a free resource for creative professionals, marketers, social media experts and viral […]

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Sex parties help Virgin sell train tickets

virgin trains sex party

Old but still gold. “A shocking news report featuring the effects of Britain’s obsession with non sustainable transport options on the mating habits of the flora and fauna of this pleasant land.” Leslie Perkins The objective of this marketing campaign “Go greener, go cheaper” was to get people off domestic UK flights and onto more […]

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Those K-Swiss marketing team have hired one badass CEO


(this viral / ad was created by 72andSunny) Kenny Powers is the new the CEO of K-Swiss and he has started running things his way. Kenny hasn’t just signed the badest athletes, he’s hired them to help him run the company. He also plans to un-suck sports and make marketing that touches his audience deep inside. Kenny is indeed […]

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