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Inspirational speech by Twitter CEO @dickc’s: Bet on yourself. There’s no script. Be in this moment.

Dick Costolo Twitter

Former improv comedian and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo delivers an inspirational commencement address to the University of Michigan. Business Insider refers to him as one of the Valleys most impressive CEO’s. Hiring a comediam as CEO of Twitter is one smart move. Watch him in action and you’ll see why!

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What’s my f*cking New Year’s resolution?

new years resolution

No I haven’t developed a foul mouth over Christmas. This is the actual title of a genius yet beautifully simple New Years campaign from from BBDO Denmark. This is a great viral mechanic for sharing branded content on Twitter. Now go impress your friends! Online marketing at it’s evil best. www.whatthefuckismynewyearresolution.com    

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How much would your business pay for a celebrity tweet?

Kim Kardashian Twitter

After reading Kim Kardashian charges $10k per tweet we decided to ask Jason Alexander AKA George Costanza from Seinfeld how much he charges per tweet. As it turns out, a tweet from Jason Alexander is free. A retweet however, will cost you $500.       (At the time, we for some reason thought Kim’s going rate was $7K per […]

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10 Twitter rules for sports stars

Sport Stars and Twitter

Twitter is a powerful branding tool that allows sport stars connect with fans in a real and meaningful way. It can also ruin your reputation if used carelessly. Major sports stars such as LeBron James, Rio Ferdinand and Serena Williams are prolific Twitterers. Other than a few moments of poor judgment, such as Rio’s campaign against Piers Morgan, Rio has benefited immensely from being on […]

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Is your mom addicted to Social Media?


Do you count Foursquare, Farmville and Digg among your best friends? You may be addicted to social media! Don’t become a statistic! Please Stop Using Social Media, Mom - A YourTango After School Special and thanks to @BruceSallan for sharing. Social Media addiction is a complex ego related brain disease. It is characterised by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, Twitter […]

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Twitter downs Facebook in one fell swoop

Twitter takes down facebook

via Mr Dan Insane - – > I want a tweet box. Check out why these Muppets also think Facebook sucks.

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First World Problems impact 20% of the world’s population

Marketing viral first world problems

Not all viral marketing needs to be meaningless and mindless. For more serious first worlds problems follow #firstworldproblems on Twitter. This is the Internets most beloved cause.Luckily, first world problems are on the decline. But there’s no hope for some first world problems such as planking. Planking is just dangerous. From Funnyz.  Thanks to @mattsingley

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Yes he can — Obama Avoids 99.95% of questions raised at his latest Town Hall meeting


This wasn’t your typical Obama Town hall meeting. This was a Twitter Town hall with 26k participants, who raised apporx. 40k unique #AskObama questions. These were the two most popular Twitter questions President Obama (@BarackObama) avoided: Would you consider legalizing marijuana to increase revenue and save tax dollars by freeing up crowded prisons, court rooms? Pres. […]

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Can Social Media Predict Obama’s Town Hall Answers?

Obama Town Hall Experiment

Companies involved in social influence metrics believe they can predict the future based on what people waffle on about on sites like Twitter. Given our experience with Klout, we’re pretty skeptical to say the least. However being a fluffy, we’re always open to new ideas and we’re also open to being proved wrong. With that in […]

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How a brand can target heavy internet users


For a marketer, what is worse than an unreceptive target market? A target market that will actively filter your messages out. One such market is the heavy Internet Users. Traditional online banners are becoming less effective every year. According to this research It’s More Likely You Will Survive A Plane Crash Or Win The Lottery Than […]

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