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The 5 Secrets of Viral Marketing

Brianne viral Marketing

Social networking platforms have emerged as the avenues that give shape to viral marketing campaigns over the web. In case people find a piece of information worthy of sharing, it can set off a chain reaction of sorts with people sharing the information with others they interact with on various social networking platforms. The requirement […]

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Is Summify the answer to information overload and Twitter fatigue?


Social networks such as Twitter are creating a world where information overload is becoming a real problem. Finding relevant content is now a real challenge. This problem of information overload led Mircea Paşoi (@mirceapasoi) and Cristian Strat (@cgst) to establish Summify. Summify weeds out relevant and interesting information from your social networks. Its algorithm selects the top five […]

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Mark Zuckerberg likes his beer barefoot

Facebook celebration

This recently released interview provides a unique glimpse inside the early workings of Facebook. It’s June 2005 and the 15 month-old social networking site is celebrating its three-millionth user with a keg of Heineken.   Mark Zuckerberg is barefoot, dressed in Adidas shorts and a white cotton T-shirt. A style that has served him well to […]

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A great moment in social media history

Mark Zuckerberg D8 Conference Facebook

For the first time ever Mark Zuckerberg takes off his hoodie. This real life interview is a as good as any scene in the The Social Network. The film is based on the book The Accidental Billionaires: Sex, Money, Betrayal and the Founding of Facebook. It’s important to note that no Facebook staff or employees, including founder […]

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10 reasons to hate Facebook


Video created by Glove & Boots. Follow these two on Twitter,  Mario @MarioGlove & Fafa The Groundhog @FafaGroundhog 4.  Suggesting I like something, that benefits you: Mike suggests we like, Mikes money laundering business. We told Mike that Linkedin is the best place for business profiles. Our fluffy friends make some good points.  

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Your Facebook friends are not your neighbours

Facebook friendships Cartoon

Most people on Facebook have on average 229 friends. This study by Pew Internet & American Life Project (PDF), reveals only 2% of these friends are in actual fact our real world neighbours. Our local communities are important. Let’s not lose them.

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Help Accountants Facebook at Work

Diesel ExcellBook -- be stupid at work

Diesel, as part of their “Be Stupid at work” campaign, have come up with a way to use Facebook at work without your boss noticing. To your boss, it will appear as if you’re deep diving and doing some serious number crunching. While, you’re probably chatting on Facebook or poking someone in the next cubicle. The […]

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When Contemporary Opera Goes Viral

Two Boys English National Opera

As you might have guessed, this is not just another funny Youtube movie poking fun at contemporary culture and social networking. It was created to promote a new opera called Two Boys trailer, by Nico Muhly, which premiers in London on 24th June. Two Boys is a contemporary opera and its storyline sets about lifting the lid […]

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All about you: Intel Facebook ‘Museum of Me’ campaign

Intel The Museum of Me

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a museum dedicated to you? Perhaps you are not enough of a megalomaniac, but some of those guys at Intel certainly are! Intel’s The Museum of Me compiles all your Facebook information and creates a three-minute long sophisticated expose about the parts of you that has made […]

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Facebook Messages from Beyond the Grave

If I Die Facebook App. What will you leave behind?

Ever pause to think what you will leave behind once you‘ve shed that mortal coil? Well, rather than leaving your iPod and the manifestations of your bad taste in music to some poor soul, why not leave a personal video message for your close friends on your Facebook wall? The good news is, if you […]

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