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Inspirational speech by Twitter CEO @dickc’s: Bet on yourself. There’s no script. Be in this moment.

Dick Costolo Twitter

Former improv comedian and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo delivers an inspirational commencement address to the University of Michigan. Business Insider refers to him as one of the Valleys most impressive CEO’s. Hiring a comediam as CEO of Twitter is one smart move. Watch him in action and you’ll see why!

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How ING Direct Uses Social Media To Connect Directly With Their Customers

ING Direct Social Media

First up we have to confess we’re big fans of the ING philosophy “The Orange Code“. This video brilliantly captures how ING uses a Social Media tool called Hootsuite to empower their employees to connect directly with their customers. Big boring banks should take note. ING Direct Social Media Insights Source: Hootsuite Youtube Channel

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This infographic explains exactly how Facebook’s EdgeRank works

Facebook edgerank infographic

Very few people understand the inner workings of Facebook’s EdgeRank. The EdgeRank algorithm essentially determines what you will see on your Facebook timeline based on your past behaviour & interests. Over a year ago Christel Quek wrote a this insightful guest post for FluffyLinks How brands can maximise Facebook Edgerank. For marketers it’s critical to understand EdgeRank in-order to develop effective […]

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Meet Brandon Carter the Marketing Manager at Content Recommendation Engine Outbrain

Brandon Carter Outbrain

We recently caught up with Brandon Carter (@sleepchant) who is the Marketing Manager at Outbrain, a content recommendation engine. Before joining Outbrain, he was a Business Analyst and Licensing Coordinator for entertainment brands Peanuts and Sesame Street, respectively. He holds a B.A. in English from Williams College and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Tell us about yourself and Outbrain? I’m […]

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Predict what people will read & share next on Twitter

nine connections Lucien Burm

Lot’s of companies are tying to solve the problem of information overload on Twitter. In our opinion a new Dutch Start-up called Nine Connections has found an interesting angle. Nine Connections believe that nine well-chosen users beats looking at a wide network of twitter users when it comes to predicting what people will read & share next. […]

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34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter

2013 Social Media Stats

We  came across this great 2013 Social Media infographic on Digital Buzz Blog outlining that state of Social Media in 2013. We were a little surprised to learn 56% of customer tweets are being ignored! No real surprise with Pinterest being 80% female however 5 million photos being uploaded to instagram every 24 hours is a […]

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Fluffy Marketing Predictions for 2013: The marketing overlords gain more power!

2013 Marketing Predictions

2012 saw many changes in the digital marketing landscape. And now that we’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse it’s time to look ahead. Here are our predictions for the marketing world in 2013 and beyond: Marketing Buzzwords These three buzzwords will surface in every business & digital advertising agency meeting in 2013 – > 1. Social […]

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The Onion explains how to make social media marketing even more effective

the onion logo

This is probably the least funny, yet most insightful Onion video we have ever seen. We expect Social Media guru’s to up arms in revolt right after they retweet this video to their community of engaged fans. Our favourite quotes from the video: “Ideally, real human users will leave social networking altogether, and all that […]

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Meet Vicky Truong Hootsuite’s Top Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong (@HootVicky) is a Social Media Coach who wears several hats at HootSuite. Coaching webinars is one of Vick’s ongoing initiatives where she teaches HootSuite users how to make the most of their social media efforts using HootSuite. Her experience ranges from social media to experiential marketing and brand strategy development. HootSuite is a social media […]

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Why Marketing Jargon is a Big Market


We think this video has the potential to go viral while engaging key influencers all over the social web. ok ok enough… just watch the video. This is in fact a very clever promo stunt for Adobe Marketing Cloud where fluffy marketing folk are given electric shocks every time they use marketing jargon. Maybe Bill Hicks […]

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