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The Social Running Revolution


You can run, but you can’t hide from Marketers intent on tracking you down.

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Will we wave goodbye to the Google Plus buzz?


There’s no doubting the talent of Google’s Engineers however Google’s social strategy over the last five years is certainly questionable. Google is danger of a serious meltdown if Google Plus fails to work.

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According to Klout Score Fluffy Links Influences Super Blogger Robert Scoble

Klout thinks Fluffy Links Influence Robert Scoble - Dream on

It’s true, Fluffy Links is now bigger than Super Blogger Robert Scoble, or so it would seem.

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Seth Godins Summer Reading List

Seth Godin

Check out Seth Godins Summer 2011 reading list. Unlike Robert Scoble’s reading list it actually has some non marketing and business related books.

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