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Wishing for a QR Code this Christmas?


QR Codes are this Christmas’s marketing stunt of choice.

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QR Code Infographic

Infographic QR Codes Statistics

Lab42 surveyed 500 Americans over the age of 13 to discover where people saw QR codes, how they were using them, and why they were scanning (or not).

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Greatest animated tattoo ever – unless you go to prison

Karl Marc Animated QR Code Tattoo

We don’t think this QR code Tattoo will do him any favours in prison.

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Lazy Tesco shoppers meet mobile commerce in a Korean Subway

qr codes

Tesco HomePlus created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people’s everyday live.

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Remember, it’s the packaging that counts!

QR interactive wrapping paper

Not sure what to get that special someone for Christmas? Why not get them an empty gift box with some super cool interactive wrapping paper.

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