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Is this the future for Web Video & Online Advertising?

The future of online advertising

This new web video ad from McDonalds, which has over 8 million views, points in our opinion towards the future of online video advertising.

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Clever integrated marketing campaign by McDonald’s


Somebody in McDonald’s marketing department certainly gets innovative marketing. This innovative timetable in Warsaw station tells time with McDonald’s fast food.

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McDonalds give billboards a digital lease of life


Traditionally billboards are boring and largely ineffective when it comes to advertising. In an attempt to inject new life into billboard advertising, McDonald’s have turned to the classic game of Pong.

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Up and Over It: Handling Dancing Right


Here’s a bit of good news for those of you with two left legs. There’s a new craze sweeping across the internet called hand dancing, or to sound intellectual, Irish dance for the post pop generation.

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