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Guess who has a crush?

Alienware 3D projection mapping

You know, one evening you look at that boring library building and you see something more than you did the day before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere.

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Is the Planet Of The Apes marketing viral a little racist?

Planet of the Apes Viral Movie

This viral gives a new meaning to the phrase Guerilla Marketing.

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How a brand can target heavy internet users


For a marketer, what is worse than an unreceptive target market? A target market that will actively filter your messages out. One such market is…

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Can you handle the truth?


Awkward uncomfortable drink with the client anyone?

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Copying is how we learn


Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel.

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Mark Twains litmus test for marketing & advertising success

Mark Twain

Whenever you are about to launch a new advertising campaign or viral ad, you now know how to test it. This changes marketing focus groups forever.

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How to deal with any stressful marketing or advertising problem

Marketing Problems

Worried that your boss doesn’t rate you, you can’t remember the difference between mission and vision, some clients think your creative work sucks…

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The Dark Knight sets Social Web ablaze

Tom Hardy as the villain known as Bane was finally revealed

Learn about Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight exceptionally clever social media viral campaign called the “The Fires Rises” and watch the new trailer.

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Lynx Angels fall from the Sky

Lynx Fallen Angel Victoria Augmented Reality 2

Lynx have rolled out an experiential campaign involving rather attractive Angels falling from the sky. To bring this campaign to life in the real world, Lynx used

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Ireland’s sense of humour still rocks!

terminal 2 dublin airport marketing and advertising campaign

News from Ireland might be all doom and gloom, but some are doing their bit to lighten things up.

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