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Google reject Matthew Epstein while SigFig hire him


Obviously Google’s clean shaven bosses did not approve of his nose caterpillar.

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Can you keep a straight face?


British flavoured milk brand Frijj want to know if you can keep a straight face while watching LOL videos.

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New Balance Running Contest


“Urban Dash: A Virtual Relay Race” is the latest marketing campaign from New Balance.

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The Social Running Revolution


You can run, but you can’t hide from Marketers intent on tracking you down.

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How to make your brand go viral


If they are lucky this will go viral too.

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Sex parties help Virgin sell train tickets

virgin trains sex party

Old but still gold. A shocking news report featuring the effects of Britain’s obsession with non sustainable transport options on the mating habits of the flora and fauna of this pleasant land.

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First World Problems impact 20% of the world’s population

Marketing viral first world problems

Not all viral marketing needs to be meaningless and mindless.

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Salvador Dalí would even be proud of this creative video animation


An unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end.

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Mattress Mick is not crazy. He’s just mad.


Mattress Mick is not just a good dancer, he’s Ireland’s best professional king size mattress salesman.

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Those K-Swiss marketing team have hired one badass CEO


Kenny Powers is the new the CEO of K-Swiss and he has started running things his way.

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