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Is this Samsung’s worst marketing mess up of all time?

samsung awful advertising

Samsung have created some cool challenger ads recently taking on Apple where it hurts. However this morning the fluffy marketing executives at Apple are probably sitting back having a good old laugh at Samsung’s latest advertising campaign. Samsung’s new campaign is getting slammed across the Internet for being misogynistic, racist and patronising (yes it is […]

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AMC Zombie Apocalypse on the streets of New York


One of our favourite TV shows The Walking Dead, is not longer available on DirectTV because the contract between Dish Network and AMC hasn’t been renewed. This really sucks and in protest AMC set their Zombies free on the streets of NYC to wreak havoc. The results of this viral ambient marketing campaign aren’t pretty but they […]

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The 5 Secrets of Viral Marketing

Brianne viral Marketing

Social networking platforms have emerged as the avenues that give shape to viral marketing campaigns over the web. In case people find a piece of information worthy of sharing, it can set off a chain reaction of sorts with people sharing the information with others they interact with on various social networking platforms. The requirement […]

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Clever integrated marketing campaign by McDonald’s


Somebody in McDonald’s marketing department certainly gets innovative marketing. First there was the McDonald’s interactive billboard campaign in Stockholm which allowed passerby’s play games of pong. And now McDonald’s have come up with a clever solution to that age old problem of how many Big Macs you have time to wolf down before your train leaves. This innovative timetable in Warsaw station tells time with McDonald’s fast […]

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The secret life of Augmented Reality


Appshaker (@AppShaker) recently launched a unique way for people to interact with the amazing world of National Geographic Channel’s (@NatGeoLive) content from around the globe. WIRED Looks like National Geographic’s advertising agency liked the latest marketing campaign from Lynx “Lynx Angels fall from the Sky” Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery.

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Wishing for a QR Code this Christmas?


Yes, we know the music becomes annoying after about the first 3 seconds. The marketing guys and gals at JCPenney have teamed up with the creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi in New York to launch their 2011 Christmas marketing campaign. It’s going to be a QR Code Christmas. It’s actually a pretty innovative way to […]

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Sex parties help Virgin sell train tickets

virgin trains sex party

Old but still gold. “A shocking news report featuring the effects of Britain’s obsession with non sustainable transport options on the mating habits of the flora and fauna of this pleasant land.” Leslie Perkins The objective of this marketing campaign “Go greener, go cheaper” was to get people off domestic UK flights and onto more […]

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Greatest animated tattoo ever – unless you go to prison

Karl Marc Animated QR Code Tattoo

This is part of Ballantines’ Human API project and their “Leave an Impression” promotion. Watch Karl Marc, as he tattoo’s a skinny dude with a waxed chest. This guy is obviously willing to do anything to get his hands on some of Ballantines marketing dollars. I guess waxing isn’t that cheep these day. By placing an iphone over the tattoo […]

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Lucazade skates over bottled waters ass

dj fresh louder yes lucozade roller skating advert

Quad skaters Candice Heiden and Danielle join Kilian ‘The Spaniard’ Martin in LA’s Venice Beach skatepark. Featuring DJ Fresh’s new track ‘Louder’. Lucozade ‘Yes’ Campaign. Directed By Ben Newman. Ever tried backward skating? how about crazy legs? or maybe down town? didn’t think so… If only I didn’t sell those golden skates. Candice Heiden at Gold Skate […]

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McDonalds give billboards a digital lease of life


Traditionally billboards are boring and largely ineffective when it comes to advertising. People barely glance at them when passing by and they contribute very little in creating awareness. In an attempt to inject new life into billboard advertising, McDonald’s have turned to the classic game of Pong. This outdoor campaign (OOH) from McDonald’s by DDB Stockholm is one of […]

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