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Growth Hacking – The Scrappy Guide to Marketing

Kieran Flanagan EMEA Marketing Director at Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan (@hsearchbrat) is a scrappy EMEA Marketing Director with Hubspot who doesn’t believe that best practise is the only way to deliver online results. Kieran is a self-proclaimed data crack addict and he is part of a new tribe of cool kids who call themselves growth hackers. Members of this tribe focus on discovering […]

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How a Professor explained marketing to his MBA students

Marketing explained to MBA students

Marketing is really simple when explained properly:) Now if only we had a lecturer with this level of clarity when in college.  

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Watch what happens when augmented reality meets a bus shelter.

Pepsi Unbelievable Bus Shelter

This marketing campaign is not for the faint hearted, but then needed is Pepsi Max This marketing video needs no introduction just watch it. Nice work by AMV BBDO (who also did the recent Guinness campaign the “Sapeurs“).

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Is this Samsung’s worst marketing mess up of all time?

samsung awful advertising

Samsung have created some cool challenger ads recently taking on Apple where it hurts. However this morning the fluffy marketing executives at Apple are probably sitting back having a good old laugh at Samsung’s latest advertising campaign. Samsung’s new campaign is getting slammed across the Internet for being misogynistic, racist and patronising (yes it is […]

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Bill Nye has a theory which explains how the man of steel shaves his fluff

Bill Nye marketing campaign

Gillette have pulled a smart marketing move by including social media savvy eccentric science guru Bill Nye (@TheScienceGuy) in their latest campaign. In this marketing campaign he tries to figure out how the Last Son of Krypton loses his fluffy beard in Man of Steel. This dilemma has been keeping us awake for weeks. Where was Bill […]

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Unfortunately This Is How Most Marketing Works

This is how must marketing works

People love to hate marketing and this is the reason why… There’s nothing wrong with marketing, the problem is that so much of it sucks. In our opinion it’s time to listen to marketers such as Scott Stratten and start start unmarketing!   First seen here

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Predict what people will read & share next on Twitter

nine connections Lucien Burm

Lot’s of companies are tying to solve the problem of information overload on Twitter. In our opinion a new Dutch Start-up called Nine Connections has found an interesting angle. Nine Connections believe that nine well-chosen users beats looking at a wide network of twitter users when it comes to predicting what people will read & share next. […]

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Why marketing to silly kids is a great way to success…

marketing to children

Children are one of the most desirable types of consumers for marketers. There is nothing surprising in this, since the market for children’s products is counted in billions of dollars. Why children are are a special group of customers? They are not interested just toys: Children buy some small items with their pocket money. Influence […]

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IKEA’s New Insightful Brand Strategy

Ikea Living Together

IKEA’s new marketing campaign in the UK  &  Ireland, titled ‘Make Room for Your Life’, continues IKEA’s new brand strategy to demonstrate an understanding of the everyday challenges that people face in their homes. IKEA’s new brand strategy represents a shift in focus away from individual rooms and toward activities that take place in the home. Campaign insight Poor […]

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34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter

2013 Social Media Stats

We  came across this great 2013 Social Media infographic on Digital Buzz Blog outlining that state of Social Media in 2013. We were a little surprised to learn 56% of customer tweets are being ignored! No real surprise with Pinterest being 80% female however 5 million photos being uploaded to instagram every 24 hours is a […]

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