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This infographic explains exactly how Facebook’s EdgeRank works

Facebook edgerank infographic

This excellent new infographic from PostRocket helps in understanding exactly what factors contribute to how News Feed stories get filtered and displayed to a given user.

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34% of marketers have generated leads using Twitter

2013 Social Media Stats

We were a little surprised to learn 56% of customer tweets are being ignored!

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Marketing & Advertising People versus Normal People on Social Media

Social Media Trends

We think this might come as a shock to some advertising & marketing heads.

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Cats & Dogs. Designers & Developers.

web designers versus developers infographic

When designers develop or developers design… I don’t need to tell you what happens.

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If Social Networks were your favorite comic book heroes

If Social Site were Superheroes Infographic

A bit harsh comparing Youtube to a Cyclops and a one trick pony don’t you think?

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Do you need a Social Media Detox?

Do you need a Social Media Detox?

Do you suffer bouts of manic depression when you discover no one is retweeting your tweets?

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Yes he can — Obama Avoids 99.95% of questions raised at his latest Town Hall meeting


This wasn’t your typical Obama Town hall meeting. This was a Twitter Town hall with 26k participants, who raised 40k #AskObama questions.

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