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How to spot an Instagram hipster junkie


Instagram is a sort of utopia for photo sharing hipsters. Now learn to spot them before they get you!

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What Social Media Guru’s will look like in 2062. This isn’t pretty.

social media gurus

Time rests for no man or Social Media Guru.

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A kids first impression of popular brandmarks

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 14.29.03

A brand managers nightmare.

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The secret to gaining market share in the toothbrush market


What do you do when there are no new product benefits? You invent one.

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The Sexy Rules of Rugby


Lynx have created an easy-to-follow video explaining the basic rules for the game of rugby.

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I just texted to say I love you


Love in the age of social media.

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Twitter downs Facebook in one fell swoop

Twitter takes down facebook

Twitter slays social media giant Facebook. I want a tweet box.

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Modern Art? Have a Break!

Breakism - A KitKat break with guerrilla art

Kit Kat are creating quite a stir in a Dutch Art Museum.

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Never Say No To Panda

Never say no to panda

Who says cheese ads have to be cheesy (boom boom!) Here’s a series of dark but funny ads for Panda cheese. Advantage Marketing & Advertising/Elephant Cairo is the creative agency responsible for this work. Possibly a surprise online viral hit, but please note that no pandas were used in the making of this cheese.

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