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Branded Content Marketing: I am Playr Beta Review

We believe the future of brand engagement marketing depends on a combination of Social Games & Branded Content Marketing are the next great marketing frontier. They offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage their customers in meaningful way.

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Does Quora have the right answers?

Quora has been labelled as the definitive ‘question and answer site’. High praise given to a site that was only launched in 2010.

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Catfish: A case of identity loss in the digital era


Catfish a new documentary produced by Andrew Jarecki is an extraordinary exploration of online identity and, with the advent of Facebook, how the lines of reality and fiction have become blurred.

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Free Facebook MBA

The London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) have started using Facebook as a platform for delivering content for its new free Global MBA programme. Now in between tagging pictures of your friends or playing Farmville you can study for an online MBA.

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This is your Facebook life in print

Facebook Book

This app transforms your Facebook profile in to a real book perfect for your coffee table.

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Maxime Luere creates a Life Story on Facebook


Maxime Luere is a talented CG Artist who has created a 3 minute short story to illustrate ones lifecycle on Facebook, from sign up as a young lad to the sign out in the event of death.

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