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Dramatic guerilla marketing makes Belgium seem exciting


Communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem have come up with one of the most creatively relevant guerilla marketing stunts we have seen. Here’s the deal, a mysterious big red button with a sign saying “Push to add drama” was placed on an average Flemish square of an average boring Belgium town. The reason we like it so much […]

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Explosive Experiential Marketing Campaign


Jordan joined up with Wieden + Kennedy in New York to announce the launch of the new Jordan Melo M8 shoe. This innovative use of 3D projection technology demonstrates how brands can use iconic locations at night in new ways to launch products and conduct experiential marketing activites. We’ve seen many marketing events use 3D projections however […]

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Hairy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Hot in the heels of the very hot Kelly Brooke cinema experience, Carlsberg have created another great guerrilla marketing campaign. Only this time, picture a cinema full of unfriendly looking hairy-very hairy-bikers instead of the not as hairy Kelly Brooke. This marketing stunt only took place last week and it has already generated over 1.5 million YouTube views. I’m […]

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When Contemporary Opera Goes Viral

Two Boys English National Opera

As you might have guessed, this is not just another funny Youtube movie poking fun at contemporary culture and social networking. It was created to promote a new opera called Two Boys trailer, by Nico Muhly, which premiers in London on 24th June. Two Boys is a contemporary opera and its storyline sets about lifting the lid […]

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McDonalds give billboards a digital lease of life


Traditionally billboards are boring and largely ineffective when it comes to advertising. People barely glance at them when passing by and they contribute very little in creating awareness. In an attempt to inject new life into billboard advertising, McDonald’s have turned to the classic game of Pong. This outdoor campaign (OOH) from McDonald’s by DDB Stockholm is one of […]

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Lynx Angels fall from the Sky

Lynx Fallen Angel Victoria Augmented Reality 2

What happens when experiential marketing (street marketing in other words) and Augmented Reality (geek technology) collide?  Supermodels in the form of Angels fall from the sky. This marketing stunt allowed people walking in Victoria station hall in London, to interact directly with the Lynx Angels through a Digital Video Billboard. This is the first time an Augmented Reality campaign […]

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Ze Frank is better at Social Game Design than Business


Born Hosea Jan Frank, popularly known as Ze Frank, is regarded as an internet cult hero who likes to express himself through his creative efforts online.   He cut his teeth during the Internet boom of the late 90′s and is best known for his first creation of the ‘online birthday invitation – how to dance properly’, which […]

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Coca-Cola’s Happiness Truck is back on the Road

Cocal-Cola's Happiness Truck

Experiential campaigns delivering unique brand experiences are the flavour of the month these days. As such, it’s no surprise that Coca-Cola has taken out the jump leads and restarted the Happiness Truck. First stop Rio de Janeiro. You can find more moments of happiness from around the world on Coca-Cola’s Facebook page. It’s also worth […]

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Modern Art? Have a Break!

Breakism - A KitKat break with guerrilla art

Kit Kat are creating quite a stir in a Dutch Art Museum. Rijksmuseum Twenthe in the Netherlands is running the Abstract USA exhibition from September 2010 through February 2011. They have put one additional artwork on display, a painting by the famous artist known as UbachsWisbrun/JWT from Kit Kats Breakism collection. This paining has no […]

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Follow The White Rabbit

Follow the White Rabbit Viral marketing campaign by Syfy and Fallen

SyFy wanted to draw attention to their four-hour reproduction of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Inorder to do this Syfy and Fallon came up with a massive campaign urging people to ‘follow the white rabbit’ as research showed that the white rabbit is the most iconic character people recall from the book. This campaign was recognized […]

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