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A Truly Inspirational Video from Ze Frank


Check out Ze Frank’s “An Invocation for Beginnings” then write it out and pin it up where you can read it every day. Welcome back Ze!

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Finally, an innovative Pinterest marketing campaign

Kotex Pinterest Marketing Campaign

This marketing campaign could potentially be the one of the simplest, yet smartest uses of stalking in a new social platform we’ve seen. Pinterest might be the new kid on the social media block however it was only a matter of time until big brands started taking advantage of it. How it Worked A creative advertising agency […]

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The Lego Rugby World Cup …ka mate ka mate…

Lego Rugby World Cup

Rugby’s greatest show-piece kicked off this weekend in New Zealand. To celebrate, Graham Love, a 17 year-old talented film maker from Scotland, has created a Lego Rugby World Cup stop motion animation. In Lego land, the All Blacks emerge triumphant and lift the Webb Ellis Trophy (it is fantasy after all). This is a fitting tribute, given […]

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Never go hungry again with anti-theft lunch bags


Creative packaging design and product branding doesn’t get anymore innovative than these Anti-Theft Lunch Bags designed by “the.”. They might help avoid getting your lunch nicked by that that sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully but don’t be surprised if you find your lunch in the bin. That being said we love this creative packaging idea by “the.”. You can’t beat […]

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Monday morning blues. Funny but true.


I’m not sure this creative animation by Steve Cutts makes Monday mornings any better, it does however put being a Creative Slave it into some sort of perspective. Although, it does make me feel a little sympathy for accountants. But, don’t worry there’s a simple solution to every one of life’s problems. Life lesson no. 1: Bananas […]

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Salvador Dalí would even be proud of this creative video animation


Big Bang Big Boom. … an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life … and how it could probably end via Blu The beginning and evolution of life — in one animation. Have we just found a modern day Salvador Dalí ? Time to paint some melting clocks.

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Generate creative ideas with this tool

The advertising concept & ideas whell

It’s Friday morning, you have a hangover from hell, your brain is still at home in bed and you feel about as creative as an accountant in a grey suit. What’s worse is you’ve just realised you have that all important client meeting. Dont worry, Wheel of Concept is here to save you. Spin the wheel, download […]

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29 easy ways to stay creative

Creative blocks

Created by To-Fu & inspired by Paulzii It’s not easy wearing purple runners all day and trying to look cool. It’s also not easy being creative and even tougher staying creative. This is great inspirational piece to watch when your creative tank is running on empty. 28. Have fun    

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How a brand can target heavy internet users


For a marketer, what is worse than an unreceptive target market? A target market that will actively filter your messages out. One such market is the heavy Internet Users. Traditional online banners are becoming less effective every year. According to this research It’s More Likely You Will Survive A Plane Crash Or Win The Lottery Than […]

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How to break up — with your Bank

Australian agency Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne was awarded the PR Grand Prix for itsBreak Up campaign for the National Australia Bank, beating 819 entries to the prize. The series of events staged by NAB showed the bank publicly ‘breaking up‘ with its rivals, garnering $5m in earned media. If only all break up letters were this easy.  

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