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Google Keep – Axing Their Competitors

Google Keep

Google has officially got its axe out for Evernote, with the introduction of Google Keep. Isn’t “Keep” an odd word. The more I look at it, the more I think I’ve made it up in my head. Okay that is probably just me. Given the dramatic increase in the quality of Google products since Larry Page has become CEO we believe Google Keep […]

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The ultimate app for sharing everything!


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could share everything? Now that app is here & it’s called t’s called Jotly. No really it is here! “Parody App Goes Live In iTunes” – Yes another pesky marketing stunt. Why have lots of apps when you could have just one, that let’s you rate […]

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KIA’s new global brand campaign

kia Facebook Like Lab

This marketing campaign is part of KIA’s new strategy. This new global brand campaign is called “Inspired by What You Like. Kia, the Power to Surprise,” the three-phase movement is set to invade Facebook beginning this month and gets everyone involved in Kia’s core beliefs – Challenger, Human-driven, and Spirited. Here are some behind the scenes shots from KIA’s […]

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The world’s first app for wedding crashing

Screen shot 2012-01-15 at 11.23.29

If you’re as addicted to cheesy music, second rate food and not so hot cousins as R/GA’s Creative Director Eric Schlakman is, then you too will love his new wedding crasher app ‘Crash Corsage’. We are gathered here today to witness the holiest of unions: you and the wedding you’ll be crashing. Just download Crash Corsage, dust off your tuxedo, and prepare your heart, […]

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How Geeks have Sex in Sweden

safe sex in sweden

This typically Swedish campaign was released in the summer but we only just seen it. Swedish Sex App with a difference Swedish Agency Ester decided to hand out 50,000 condoms, each with a QR code to young adults aged between 20 – 30 years old. When you scan the QR code, it would direct people towards a […]

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Thumb Arcade on Mobile Gaming and why Apple and iTunes are like the Gold Rush


Thumb Arcade claim they are the mobile gaming and app equivalent of gravity. With this in mind Creative Slave decided to catch-up with the creative gaming geniuses of Thumb Arcade. “Game building is not linear, so don’t expect it to be. It’s creative” Thumb Arcade Thumb Arcade Interview Background What’s with the thumb? Player 01: The Thumb, or as we […]

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The alarm clock that tweets back

Okite app tweeting alarm clock

Okite is an alarm clock like no other, but what else would you expect from a quirky Japanese iphone app . Here’s the deal: every time you hit the snooze button the Okite alarm clock app will tweet embarrassing messages about you. Ok, ok, we know… this is just another gimmicky app with a short shelf life. But we have a hunch […]

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New Balance Running Contest


“Urban Dash: A Virtual Relay Race” is the latest marketing campaign from New Balance. Urban Dash is an augmented reality relay running game (bit of a mouthful I know).  NYC is about to get a whole lot faster. Play the only game in the app store where you can win a 14k Gold Baton valued at $20k from New […]

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Rock hard like a computer programmer


As if Guitar Hero was not enough, Pringles Crunch Band offers new ways in which to prentend to be a musician. This is ideal for those failed musicians or computer geeks like Thomas whose fat fingers just didn’t have it. Instead of just rocking at home playing xBox Guitar Hero, you can now do it anytime, anywhere, and with […]

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Lazy Tesco shoppers meet mobile commerce in a Korean Subway

qr codes

This is one of the best examples of creative marketing solving a real business challenge and succeeding. Social, local & mobile (SOLOMO) advertising at it’s very best. Research shows that many Korean customers were focused on getting to and from work and felt they had little time for supermarket shopping. Tesco HomePlus created virtual stores in […]

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