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Google Keep – Axing Their Competitors

Google Keep

Google has officially got its axe out for Evernote, with the introduction of Google Keep.

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The ultimate app for sharing everything!


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could share everything? Now that app is here & it’s called t’s called Jotly.

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KIA’s new global brand campaign

kia Facebook Like Lab

Kia has a secret agency at its headquarters (maybe that’s where they hide the good cars too).

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The world’s first app for wedding crashing

Screen shot 2012-01-15 at 11.23.29

Become a professional wedding crasher with this app.

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How Geeks have Sex in Sweden

safe sex in sweden

Only in Sweden.

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Thumb Arcade on Mobile Gaming and why Apple and iTunes are like the Gold Rush


Thumb Arcade claim they are the the mobile gaming and app equivalent of gravity. They believe the future of mobility is being constructed today and they’ve got their finger, er thumbs, on the pulse.

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The alarm clock that tweets back

Okite app tweeting alarm clock

We have a hunch this app is going to be popular amongst the S&M community.

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New Balance Running Contest


“Urban Dash: A Virtual Relay Race” is the latest marketing campaign from New Balance.

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Rock hard like a computer programmer


As if Guitar Hero was not enough, Pringles Crunch Band offers new ways in which to prentend to be a musician.

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Lazy Tesco shoppers meet mobile commerce in a Korean Subway

qr codes

Tesco HomePlus created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people’s everyday live.

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