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Check out this public fridge full of beer only Canadian passports can open

molson marketing campaign beer fridge

To celebrate Canada Day, the beer producer placed large red fridges filled with ice cold bottles of Molson Canadian in public locations around European countries. Confused passersby who tried to open the fridge were told scan their Canadian passport because only those with Canadian citizenship were able to open the fridge. Once opened locals could sample the […]

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Meet Vicky Truong Hootsuite’s Top Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong (@HootVicky) is a Social Media Coach who wears several hats at HootSuite. Coaching webinars is one of Vick’s ongoing initiatives where she teaches HootSuite users how to make the most of their social media efforts using HootSuite. Her experience ranges from social media to experiential marketing and brand strategy development. HootSuite is a social media […]

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Watch Coca Cola’s 2020 Content Marketing Strategy Video


Nearly one year ago Coca Cola launched a new content marketing strategy, Content 2020, which revealed a monumental shift in direction for the company. They have moved from ‘creative excellence’ towards ‘content excellence’. The world has changed and Coca Cola understand that remarkable content is now the most valuable currency when it comes to brand engagement. The new goal […]

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Why we need to turn our backs on traditional, selfish advertising & embrace goodvertising

Thomas Kolster Goodvertising

Thomas Kolster, is the author of the up-and-coming book Goodvertising (Thames & Hudson) about how advertising can be a force for good. He’s an enthusiastic and awarded advertising creative, with more than 13 years experience and has worked for a diverse range of clients, from McDonalds to Amnesty International. Before founding his own agency, Inkognito, he […]

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Status Creative Specialise in Brand Awareness

Rob Bliss of Status Creative

We recently caught up with Rob Bliss the 23 year old creative force behind Status Creative (@CreativeStatus). Rob uses social media to drive national exposure and unheard-of brand awareness growth for clients. Well, that’s what his website claims, so lets hear from the man himself. Q1: Tell us about yourself and Status Creative. I head up […]

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Brands now know how to “Captcha” you

Type in Advertising with Captha's

Advertisers have figured out the ideal way to help marketers force marketing communications down the throats of unsuspecting browsers… Just like the first company who placed advertising in public toilets, Solve Media have identified an suspecting location for Internet based advertising. Solve Media’s proprietary TYPE-IN™ is branded CAPTCHA (human authentication), which places relevant brand messages where users are already engaged. TYPE-IN™ ads provide […]

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A kids first impression of popular brandmarks

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 14.29.03

A great video by Adam Ladd and possibly every brand managers nightmare. Especially if they have just forked out another $100k plus on their corporate identity. Adams 5 year old daughter Faith Ladd provides insightful yet adorable explanations of today’s most popular brands. Maybe too insightful and that is we have to raise the question, is this really a child’s voice or a scenically scripted self promotion stunt by graphic designer Adam Ladd?

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Extra strong product branding from Heinz

awesome heinz garlic sauce newspaper print ad

This creative press ad from Heinz appeared in a Dutch newspaper in the personal Ad section. This is a creative way to communicate the products key USP as it’s tagline is “Extra strong garlic sauce”. The end result is a very effective and strong brand piece. No need to tell you that Garlic Sause gives you […]

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Samsung Galaxy S2 is not Batman


We love the new Samsung Galaxy S2: The Way We’re Wired Director’s Cut ad, created by Ad Agency Leo Burnett, Chicago. Unfortunately, it is still second best to Apple.

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How advertisers master the art of deception


This might be a little too close to home for some. Advertisements usually display unruffled domestic happiness. But, as we will see in Page 23, this world looks too good to be true. Behind the beaming smile of fashion models loom adultery and the stifling daily routine.  (Pagina 23). You can blame the crazy Dutch […]

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