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Learn how a struggling bookstore used a viral video to save their business


In one last attempt to boost business and market their retail Bookstore, owner Joanne Saul created an emotional marketing video.

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Awkward Obama Book Moments

What Obama is reading

This photo was snapped in 2008 by Doug Mills of the New York Times.

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Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo is a Thai cook book with an unfortunate name.

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Long Version: Social Media Revolution 3


Looks like this social media lark is catching on.

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Seth Godin: Getting the simple things right

Godin’s overarching theme is simple: Companies can no longer rely on mass-media advertising to sell average products to average consumers. Instead, they must

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Dan Gillmor set his sights high

Dan Gillmor’s book entitled Mediactive was created to help society, become more responsible users of media.

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