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Copying is how we learn


Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel.

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Mark Twains litmus test for marketing & advertising success

Mark Twain

Whenever you are about to launch a new advertising campaign or viral ad, you now know how to test it. This changes marketing focus groups forever.

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How to break up — with your Bank

If only all break up letters were this easy.

If only all break up letters were this easy.

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Help Accountants Facebook at Work

Diesel ExcellBook -- be stupid at work

Diesel have come up with a way to use Facebook at work without your boss noticing.

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How to deal with any stressful marketing or advertising problem

Marketing Problems

Worried that your boss doesn’t rate you, you can’t remember the difference between mission and vision, some clients think your creative work sucks…

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A Suicide Attempt that Really Sucks

Viral Video

Don’t try this at home kids!

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Club Orange open doors to the Squeezing Rooms

Club Oranges Best Bits

Should this ad be banned?

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McDonalds give billboards a digital lease of life


Traditionally billboards are boring and largely ineffective when it comes to advertising. In an attempt to inject new life into billboard advertising, McDonald’s have turned to the classic game of Pong.

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Skittles turns contagious with “Touch The Rainbow”

Skittles Touch Cat Viral Marketing

If you want a successful viral marketing campaign, make sure it involves a cat, or at least a man dressed up as a cat.

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A Misunderstood Man

Epuron - The Power of Wind

I must admit I really like this intelligent German TV campaign for Epuron. It creatively and poetically promotes

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