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Catvertising is the 2012 trend to watch


What can viral cat videos do for your marketing strategy?

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This will melt your heart, even if you think you don’t have one.


Dam you for making me feel human.

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Hairy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Fancy a cinema packed with hairy bikers?

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Should this Guinness Ad have been banned?


I can’t recall seeing this Guinness ad on TV.

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Literally Viral Marketing


Warner Bros. decided to take viral marketing literally by using actual bacteria in a billboard to promote upcoming movie Contagion.

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Banned Hyundai Ad “Death” is shocking


Not for the faint hearted!

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Those K-Swiss marketing team have hired one badass CEO


Kenny Powers is the new the CEO of K-Swiss and he has started running things his way.

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How a brand can target heavy internet users


For a marketer, what is worse than an unreceptive target market? A target market that will actively filter your messages out. One such market is…

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New Coca-Cola Brand Campaign: Reasons To Believe

Coca Cola Reasons to Beleive

Check out this latest ad from Coca Cola

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Can you handle the truth?


Awkward uncomfortable drink with the client anyone?

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