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T-Mobile in Angry Birds Faux Pas?

T-Mobile have been producing some interesting experiential campaigns of late, remember the Chatroulette Guy at Gatwick airport? This latest campaign features a real-life demo of Angry Birds in Barcelona, which is- allegedly controllable via an Android device.

A fun idea, an expensive idea, but what exactly did T-Mobile get out of it? The whole setup feels more like an art installation than consumer engagement campaign and the promotion completely falls by the wayside. The problem is everyone is fixated on the rather excellent Angry Birds demo rather than T-Mobile. Remember, the objective here is not to promote Angry Birds, but to sell more phones and contracts for T-Mobile. In our opinion the big winner here is Angry Birds and possibly Art Director Luca Pannese. If anything this stunt illustrates the immense popularity of Angry Birds and how it has become an global phenomenon.

This could have been a far more effective promotion if T-Mobile had scrapped the real life demo. Instead they could have ran the demo on a giant size digital screen branded as a T-Mobile phone and display some promotional messages between demos.

This is a cautionary tale for marketers, just because it’s a super cool idea doesn’t mean it’s good for business. It might however win T-Mobile some awards that’s provided it wasn’t staged.

Watch the behind the scenes video here.

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