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10 Twitter rules for sports stars

Twitter is a powerful branding tool that allows sport stars connect with fans in a real and meaningful way. It can also ruin your reputation if used carelessly. Major sports stars such as LeBron James, Rio Ferdinand and Serena Williams are prolific Twitterers.

Other than a few moments of poor judgment, such as Rio’s campaign against Piers Morgan, Rio has benefited immensely from being on Twitter. While any one of Rio Ferdinand’s 1.3 million followers has a chance of getting a reply back – or even a ‘retweet’.

However, Twitter is extremely damaging if used carelessly. We all know at least one incident of a player saying something out of turn on Twitter.


referee Howard Webb

Referee Howard Webb

Liverpool player Ryan Babel did not take Liverpool’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat to Manchester United well. Babel tweeted the referee Howard Webb photoshoped in a Manchester United jersey. This earned the winger a £10,000 fine.

When Twitter gets nasty there’s no where to hide. One Manchester United star (or possibly not) quit Twitter after just two hours. Brian Wilson, All-Star Closer for the San Fran Giants, had a popular Twitter profile until he tweeted about going clubbing and getting into a fight. He now no longer tweets — in all likelihood asked to keep such awkward details to himself by his sponsors and coaches.

10 Twitter Rules & tips for sports stars:

  1. Don’t drink and Tweet. Remember what happened when you rang your ex at 4am outside the Kebab shop? Well multiply that by about 100 million.
  2. Don’t let anyone access your account. Especially that guy whose boots you stole and never returned.
  3. Just because everyone on Twitter hates you it doesn’t mean you should blame Twitter.
  4. Learn to absorb the hate and get a thicker skin, it’s useful in life & Twitter.
  5. Twitter isn’t a megaphone, it’s a telephone.
  6. You can’t be everyones favourite sports star. Accept criticism. Haters will hate.
  7. Even if you’re ugly, make sure you have a profile picture.
  8. Klout Score is better than follower count. Check out and see where you rank.
  9. Twitter is for everyone. Even your mom.
  10. Read Twitter Rules.

One final bit of advice: twink before you tweet.

Fluffy Links wants Brian Wilson back, as he was one of the most creative people on Twitter let alone sport.

Truth is we want to see more of the Machine.

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