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The Social Running Revolution

You can run, but you can’t hide from Marketers intent on tracking you down. Location based campaigns using technology such as GPS and RFID are the flavour of the month with marketers and advertisers. In this post we look at some of the most creative sports marketing campaigns making use of this technology, along with the digital tools and gadgets revolutioning the fitness business.

New York City Marathon ‘support your marathoner’

ASICS used RFID tags at the last New York Marathon, to show personalised messages from friends and family to each participant on huge LED screens, as the runners passed by sensor points around the route.

Kinda awkward if your disgruntled ex hears about the race.

Nike Take Mokum by Boondoggle Amsterdam

Running is boring and Boondoggle (yes that’s the agency’s real name) aim to make it less serious and more social.

Reebok App Uses Social Media Peer Pressure

This is pretty sneaky.


Fitbit is the kitchen sink of fitness gadgets. It works as a burned calories tracker, a pedometer, and measures quality of sleep, but there’s a 3D sensor, one that’s similar to a Nintendo Wii, which makes it unique. Fit bit will set you back about $100.

Let’s hear what this geek thinks.

The Nike+ Sportwatch with GPS Technology

If you don’t like strapping a clunky iPhones to your arm and messing up your fake tan while running, this is the fitness gadget Nike’s marketing team have come up with for you.

Nike  Plus Sportswatch


The Nike+ Sportwatch will set you back around $200. Marketers don’t do charity unless it’s work related CSR.

Nike+ GPS Technology App

Nike + GPS is not free, it does have shoutouts called “Cheer Me On” from celebrities and athletes to boost your confidence. Who wouldn’t want to finish a 10-km run with Kobe shouting “You can do it!” or a shoutout from Ronald McDonald  screaming “300 more calories to your next Big Mac”

Runkeeper App

Runkeeper, is a free app for iPhone. Using built in GPS techology, it watches over your exercises. Check out this interview / demonstration with Runkeeper COO, Mike Sheeley by Robert Scoble.

Yes, the geeks still make the apps.

The Withings WiFi body scale

Taking social media and sports into the bathroom now seems like an obvious choice.

Cancel the gym membership, delete that personal trainers number and ditch your boring running partner.

Just don’t become a fitness freak geek.

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