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What day should your business invent?

What does a savvy marketer do when annual business opportunities such as Christmas, Valentines Day and Mothers Day are overcrowded and marketed to death? Well, you invent a day of your own.

Guinness have done this to great effect with Arthur’s Day. Even the sight of Barack Obama drinking a pint of the black stuff at Moneygall has not stopped the latest decline in sales of Guinness in Ireland. With profits staggering, the prospect of using their founder’s 250th birthday was a marketing opportunity not to be missed.

Last year, hundreds of thousands of people across Ireland and millions more worldwide came together to celebrate Arthur’s Day. This is a marketers dream. Guinness own the day, it’s their party and they decide who gets to play.

American Express cleverly decided to give their small business target market a day of its own – Small Business Saturday on the last Saturday in November. The objective of this day is to encourage shoppers back in to local mom and pop stores.The benefit for American Express is the prospect of more credit card transactions.

“The thought was, let’s give small businesses a day of their own during the most critical time of the year,” says Scott Krugman (@ScottKrugman), spokesperson for American Express. “It’s our way to support small businesses.”

Small Business Saturday Results

The marketing campaign was a resounding success for American Express.

  • 2.7 million people “Liked” the program’s Facebook page.
  • 195,000 tweets were sent in support of Small Business Saturday.
  • Awareness rocketed from 37% in 2010 (its inaugural year) to 65% in 2011.
  • 103 million Americans shopped at a small business on 2011′s Small Business Saturday.
  • American Express saw a 23% increase in transactions at small business merchants.
  • “In reading from testimonials and hearing merchants say, ‘Because of Small Business Saturday, my year-over-year sales were 40% higher,’” Krugman says, “That’s so great.”

Results were sourced here

What day should your business invent?


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