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Skittles turns contagious with “Touch The Rainbow”

If you want a successful viral marketing campaign, make sure it involves a cat, or at least a man dressed up as a cat. Skittles have long abandoned traditional advertising and have instead decided to create one increasingly bizarre ad after another. While their earlier attempts have not really set the digital world on fire, this new campaign “Touch The Rainbow” has turned out to be an online success. This Skittles ad follows in the footsteps of Burger King’s “King” character and “Subservient Chicken” and Tippex’s “A hunter shoots a bear“.

The Skittles “Touch The Rainbow” campaign was made especially for online advertising by BBDO, Toronto, Canada. They have gotten interactive in the physical sense by making your finger a part of the action. More and more companies are using the Internet to build engaged customer communities while increasing brand awareness. Skittles has achieved that what is coveted by all those annoying social media gurus in the marketing world long for — a viral marketing campaign.

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