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Rare Salvador Dalí Interview

A rare interview from 1958 (when smoking was good for your health) with the weird and wonderful surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. A modern artist who claims at the basis of his ideas are cauliflower’s and rhinoceros horns. His work is showcased in college dorm rooms all over the world.

Sit back and marvel at the Salvador Dalí’s remarkable curiosity and vast pool of cross-disciplinary inspiration, from ancient philosophy to psychology to antimatter” Brain Pickings

You’ll also learn why he lectured with his head enclosed in a diving helmet and nearly suffocated.

We think this interview was carried out in Movember (get it… oh well).

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

He once kicked a legless beggar along a street.


@Absolutely great!The difference between insane and genius is only success!:)
Petteri Tarkkonen

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