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Rob Bliss of Status Creative

Rob Bliss of Status Creative

We recently caught up with Rob Bliss the 23 year old creative force behind Status Creative (@CreativeStatus). Rob uses social media to drive national exposure and unheard-of brand awareness growth for clients. Well, that’s what his website claims, so lets hear from the man himself.

Q1: Tell us about yourself and Status Creative.

I head up the creative department of Status Creative. Status Creative is a brand awareness firm. We get attention for clients by producing content highly relevant to national conversations, extraordinary creative, and close media contacts.

I previously created the Grand Rapids LipDub Video (over 4 million views):

Recently we did a promotional project for March Madness:

It had the following reception:

Q2: Describe a typical day at Status Creative

Half is predicting what the national conversation will be in a months time and how to create something fantastic for cheap that can get viral marketing attention. The other half is actually making it happen.

Q3: Describe the marketing/advertising agency of the future

Below average creative isn’t going to cut it anymore. Social media has given a giant megaphone to the people, and brands can’t get away with what they once did. On the other hand, those who give the crazy copywriter’s idea a chance could see a big payoff from a receptive public that carries the message for them. Personally I think we’re about to enter a second golden age in advertising for this very reason.

Q4: What are your 3 favourite brand campaigns of all time?

1.  VW’s Think Small (too easy I know)

2. Honda’s Cog

3. Lately I like Get Up Australia’s It’s time

Q5: Which Mad Men character do you most resemble and why?

I can only hope for Peggy’s intelligence and Ken Cosgrove’s infinite swag.


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