Marketing Fails

Greatest animated tattoo ever – unless you go to prison

This is part of Ballantines’ Human API project and their “Leave an Impression” promotion.

Watch Karl Marc, as he tattoo’s a skinny dude with a waxed chest. This guy is obviously willing to do anything to get his hands on some of Ballantines marketing dollars. I guess waxing isn’t that cheep these day.

By placing an iphone over the tattoo you can watch the QR code trigger an animation. We don’t think this animated tattoos will help you win any friends in prison, but they might help you kill some time. Just saying.

What’s with all the QR code campaigns of late? We’ve only recently seen the rather excellent Tesco Homeplus created virtual stores QR campaign. QR codes are cute and novel, and big in Japan, but we think QR codes will fade away in the coming years. Google have already decided to kill of these little square codes. But what will replace them I hear you shout, maybe NFC, Google Goggles or Something Else?

Besides, what would your mother say if you came home with a QR Code tattoo?

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