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Rock hard like a computer programmer

As if Guitar Hero was not enough, Pringles Crunch Band offers new ways in which to prentend to be a musician. This is ideal for those failed musicians or computer geeks like Thomas whose fat fingers just didn’t have it. Instead of just rocking at home playing xBox Guitar Hero, you can now do it anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. All you need, is a smartphone and an unhealthy appetite for Pringles.

Not only does this marketing campaign provide the perfect reason to setup your own officepalooza rock festival, it also offers another compelling reason to down a couple boxes of Pringles in one sitting. Ideal for heavy Internet users! Nice work Martin Jon Adolfsson & CP+B Europe!

Are you ready to rock harder than Thomas?


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@ programmers are a breed all their own. Great post.
Jacob Beckley

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  1. On July 4, 2011 at 3:42 am Caroline Broquere (@ohh_la_la) responded with... #

    Brilliant! Thanks for sharing Pringles Crunch Band new #app @fluffylinks

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