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Meet Brandon Carter the Content Marketing Wiz behind Outbrain

Brandon Carter Outbrain

Brandon Carter

We recently caught up with Brandon Carter (@brandedcarter) who is the Marketing Manager at Outbrain, a content recommendation engine. Before joining Outbrain, he was a Business Analyst and Licensing Coordinator for entertainment brands Peanuts and Sesame Street, respectively. He holds a B.A. in English from Williams College and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Tell us about yourself and Outbrain?

I’m a Marketing Manager at Outbrain (@Outbrain), which is a content recommendation engine operating on hundreds of premium publisher sites like CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, etc. As you’re reading articles or watching videos on sites like the ones I just mentioned, Outbrain uses algorithms to recommend what to read or watch next. As a marketer, I help educate the market on why that’s a really good thing for publishers, advertisers, and every day users.


Describe a typical day at Outbrain?

A typical day at Outbrain involves coffee and dreaming of how to make content discovery better in equal measure.

Outbrain explained by founder Yaron Galai (@YaronGalai)

What does the future hold for content marketing?

I think brands are really starting to see the value in creating good, sophisticated content as an essential service to online users. In providing that service, brands are able to engage consumers on a whole new level, and that’s the huge. As the market matures, I think the tools for distributing content will only get more sophisticated, and mobile especially is an area where I think content marketing will really start to empower advertisers to engage consumers the right way.

What are your 3 favourite content marketing campaigns of all time?

I think the brands that are seeing the most success are continually producing great content, so in that respect content marketing isn’t so much about executing finite campaigns as it is about thinking like a publisher and sustaining a high volume of content. That said, one of my favorites revolved around a significant milestone. The IBM 100 series for their centennial was incredibly engaging and found a way to celebrate innovation in a genuine, humanistic way. I’m not really a math and science guy and even I was fascinated!

IBM Centennial Film: They Were There – People who changed the way the world works

Red Bull is obviously killing it with their content. What they did with the Felix Baumgartner space jump and all the content they produced and distributed around it was a landmark moment in content marketing, in my opinion.

Red Bull: Felix Baumgartner space jump

But sometimes all you need is a really good blog like The Blender, Williams-Sonoma’s blog. It’s a great resource for recipes and other dining-related content that feels high-end and sophisticated but welcoming at the same time a good extension of the Williams-Sonoma brand.

Which Mad Men character do you most identify with?

Haha, well Mad Men isn’t exactly known for its black characters, but if I had to say, I probably identify most with Kenny Cosgrove. He’s got that whole unassuming, boyish quality to him, and outside of the office he’s interested in creative writing, so I think we could probably kick back with a stiff drink and talk Philip Roth or something.

Kenny Cosgrove Mad Men

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