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What if your local shop checkout was like an online checkout?

We’ve seen a wave of satirical videos recently mimicking our strange online habits e.g. “Twitter in the real world“. With that trend in mind, Google have created this satirical video about “Online checkouts in real life”. For those of you below average intelligence the purpose of the video is to promote Google Analytics (@googleanalytics) (note to unsuspecting: this is just a crafty ruse to promote Google Analytics).

“Shopping online is meant to be easy. Find out where your customers are checking out.” Google Analytics

Online consumers face frustration on a daily basis when they encounter complicated buying processes, captcha’s which require a PhD to decipher and onerous terms and conditions. This satirical video shows us the hoops we have to jump through before we can actually purchase a product online.

I’m not going to point fingers, but Airline checkouts and small businesses are some of the worst culprits, while Amazon and Apple (iTunes) provide the best online checkout experiences.

It’s also worth remembering that analytics only tells you what people are doing on your website but it does not tell you why they are doing it. However a detailed checkout funnel can help identify leakage and reduce shopping cart abandonment / increase conversion.

Just like in the real world, delivering a great customer experience is essential when designing eCommerce websites.

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