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Is Nokia’s HumanForm iPhone killer?, Not quite

Nokia describe the HumanForm as a visionary new concept beyond touchscreen and voice communication, where technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over. The HumanForm phone sets a new standard which will challenge our perceptions of mobile user experience forever.

English Translation: Nokia has decided to compete with the iPhone. I just don’t see this ever earning “The Jesus Phone” monicker. Besides, is it me or does the shape of the HumanForm look really odd?

This YouTube comment sums it up:

welcome to the future, where you just stand there and look at pictures of rocks with your dildo

I even had to check to make sure this wasn’t a cheap 80’s concept video brought to life on YouTube.

We think Eriks font is the only thing this phone has going for it. Thanks Erik!

This unreal video about an unbelievable phone from Nokia still uses my original NokiaSans; even more unbelievable.
erik spiekermann


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