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Who are Microsoft Targeting with their Vision 2019?

When I first watched the video of Microsoft’s Vision 2019 on Youtube, the first thing that came to mind was “Great! Now what can Apple do to top that?” In other words, I found the video impressive – very much so – with some of the world’s smartest minds imagining the future of technology. World’s smartest minds, impressive, vision and Microsoft all in the same sentence? Yes I know it all sounds a bit mad.

In 2009, Microsoft attracted the eyes of the tech community when it released the Productivity Future Vision Video, more popularly known as Microsoft’s Vision for 2019. The video was unveiled by Microsoft’s Business Division President, Steph Elop, at the Wharton Business Technology Conference in March 2009.
The 5-minute video showed clips of impressive and inspiring concepts in surface technology including a transparent wall with real-time conversation translations, animated drawings using touch interface, electronic boarding cards, mini-projectors and an electronic newspaper. But coming down to an in-depth analysis of the video, I was left to question, what was the video for? Who was it targeting? Was it for programmers and developers at Microsoft? Was it for MS’s competitors? Or was it for consumers to actually expect that this is the future and MS is making it possible come 2019? Or was it Microsoft just letting the Apple generation know that it too has some creative ideas.

If you’re in doubt of whether Microsoft really and whole-heartedly thinks it is possible to have everything operated with just a touch of a fingertip, Microsoft Labs will tell you frankly to just wait and see. But until then, what are your thoughts?

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