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Klout’s 4th Employee Megan Berry talks about life after Klout

Megan Berry Marketing

Megan Berry

We caught up with Megan Berry who recently founded LiftFive in partnership with Lerer Ventures to build momentum around top startups.

Megan was previously the fourth employee at Klout (now valued at $200 million), where she led marketing for two years and helped develop the Klout Perks program. Klout is a controvercial social media tool that claims to measure users’ online influence on a scale from 1 to 100.

Working with Joe Fernandez

Joe (@JoeFernandez) is such a great founder/CEO for Klout because he is such a humble, down-to-earth guy. He has an awesome sense of humor and a huge vision for what Klout could be. I think this is really key for Klout because it’s easy for it to come across as off-putting or weird to put this number on people but when you meet Joe and hear what he wants to do it is about empowerment and recognition, not putting anyone down.

Also, whenever I had a 1:1 meeting with Joe, I always left feeling energized, motivated and super excited about what’s to come. This is obviously critical for anyone leading a startup where you’re working long hours and facing huge challenges.


The Queen of Klout

Ha, well first of all, I wouldn’t call myself that, but thank you! I feel incredibly lucky to have joined Klout at such an early stage and to be a part of growing the brand, social presence and Klout Perks program to where they are today.

I always felt like working at Klout was a calling and a passion, never just a job. I thought of our community night a day (a little unhealthy probably, but we’ll leave that for another discussion 😉 ) and how to get better at what we were doing. At a certain point it felt right to take the next step to start LiftFive, but I will always look back at my time at Klout as an incredible moment in my career.


The Future of Klout

A bright one! I left because it was the right time for me to take the next step, not because of doubts about Klout itself. I think the team has many challenges in front of them, but they are the front-runner in what we proved is now a real industry – influence metrics. It’s a very exciting time and a huge opportunity. I hope they make it happen and obviously I bought my options so you can tell I’m financially on their side as well :).


I love helping great ideas reach people and that is what LiftFive is all about. It’s a company to help startups get social so they can reach more users and improve their product. I’m lucky enough to be partnered with Lerer Ventures, an early stage VC fund in NYC, and could not have more respect for the great advice I get and portfolio companies I’m meeting. I

t was a unique opportunity to start my own company, but to have a strong partnership (I even work out of the Lerer Ventures office) and great mentors so I’m not doing it alone. I love the startups I’m working with so it gives me extra incentive to help them succeed 🙂




Rebel Mouse

Rebelmouse is your social front page. All you do is link your social accounts and in seconds it creates this dynamic and beautiful site for you that shows what you care about. I see it being the one link people point to in their bio, replacing many blogs (since you can also writing long form content on it) and becoming a social hub for many. They have many great features they’ll be releasing soon so it’ll only get better.

Rebel Mouse

Rebel Mouse



Future Social Media Metrics

I think we’re only at the beginning of social media metrics. Right now there are a lot of analytics companies coming up with silly metrics to appease brands and a lot of agencies going along with it. The goal of some of them is to obfuscate as much as to be helpful. I think you’ll see a concentration on engagement metrics (@mentions, RTs) and impressions (potential reach) rather than follower count.

Oh also SimplyMeasured is the best right now if you want a great analytics service (side note: I do know the founders, but my bias is mostly based in how awesome it is).

Advice for Social Media Marketers

Push yourself to keep learning. And I mean really learning, not just reading blog posts of a bunch of people saying the same thing (not that some blog posts aren’t awesome). Know your numbers. You should know why they’re bullshit, why they’re real, why they mean you’re the best and why the mean you’re the worst. If you can work numbers in your favor you will be far ahead of anyone else.

Your Desert Island Social Network

Facebook for the ability to have longer convos with friends, share pictures from the island and talk social media stuff all in one place.

Your Mad Men Character of Choice

I’ve always thought Joan Harris was the best. She actually runs that office whether everyone knows it or not. Also, the actress was also in Firefly so that makes me like her even more. (Sidenote: I’ve only watched the first season and a half of Mad Men)



Megan Berry BIO

Megan Berry recently founded LiftFive in partnership with Lerer Ventures to build momentum around top startups. Megan was previously the fourth employee at Klout, where she led marketing for two years and helped develop the Klout Perks program. She’s recently spoken about startups and community at SXSW, Princeton Entrepreneurship Conference, Lucky’s FABB conference and Columbia School of Journalism. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University. You can follow her on Twitter at @meganberry.

We previously wrote about how according to Klout Score Fluffy Links Influences Super Blogger Robert Scoble.

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