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Why marketing to silly kids is a great way to success…

Children are one of the most desirable types of consumers for marketers. There is nothing surprising in this, since the market for children’s products is counted in billions of dollars.

marketing to children

Why children are are a special group of customers?

They are not interested just toys:

  • Children buy some small items with their pocket money.
  • Influence parents when they are selecting a product.
  • But other than that they are also very promising consumers in the future, when they grow up.

ronald mcdonald marketing to kids

Most of the time kids influence:

  • Breakfast and lunch choices.
  • Where to go for a family meal.
  • Family entertainment choices.
  • Family trips.
  • Some computer gadgets.

Why the Internet is an extremely desirable medium for marketers wanting to target children:

  • Parents generally do not understand the extent to which kids are being marketed to online.
  • It’s part of youth culture.
  • By creating, engaging, interactive environments based on products and brand names, companies can build brand loyalties from an early age.
  • Unlike broadcasting media, which have codes regarding advertising to kids, the Internet is unregulated.
  • Sophisticated technologies make it easy to collect information from young people for marketing research, and to target individual children with personalized advertising.

Why does marketing on kids even work?

Parent’s can’t resist the temptation to buy a child something that he or she really wants. Let’s face it, children are some the world’s greatest manipulators.

Marketing is working on kids perfectly, and kids are working on their parents, who are eager to pay their money to please their child. That is why marketing on kids is a great tactic.

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