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Fluffy Marketing Predictions for 2013: The marketing overlords gain more power!

2012 saw many changes in the digital marketing landscape. And now that we’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse it’s time to look ahead. Here are our predictions for the marketing world in 2013 and beyond:

2013 Marketing Predictions

Marketing Buzzwords

These three buzzwords will surface in every business & digital advertising agency meeting in 2013 – > 1. Social Content 2. Content Marketing and 3. Social Commerce. Content Marketing is destined to be the most overused buzzword in 2013 as more companies follow Coke’s content marketing revolution. Expect “omni-channel experience” to pop-up frequently also.

The CMO God

The CMO will become god as marketing budgets grow, while IT and marketing departments merge. The CMO, CIO & CTO will unite to become one mega marketing maniac (CMITO). In this new world the CTO will humbly obey and take orders from the CMO. The sales team will start looking over their shoulder as the marketing overlords gain more power. Yes the world is changing.

Sensory intelligence

In 2013 you will take orders from your fridge, as sensor technology such as Twine will connect everything to the web.

The Health Benefit of Tablets

Lower back problems will reduce dramatically as people start to move from a stooped laptop pose to a leaning back tablet sofa pose. The PC and laptop will continue to live on life support.

laptop posture

Tablet posture

Context Marketing is God

Content marketing is King, Queen & Joker; but location based content with context will become God. Social media gives you the context once you have built yourself up as an expert and made relationships with people.

"If content is king, that context is God." @ at #inbound12
Dharmesh Shah

The Rise of Niche Social Networks

As bosses, mothers and babies take over Facebook, niche networks will grow as users migrate to smaller more relevant networks such Path & Pinterest.

Review of Path 

More companies will replace old sharepoint intranets with socially enabled internal buisness networks such as Jive.

Jive Overview

Big Data & Advertising

Big data will become smart data as silo’s between CRM, Analytics, Social Media will start to merge.

Big Data Overview

Contrary to popular opinion email marketing will grow in 2013 thanks to integrated social marketing tools such as Hubspot.

Hubspot Overview

Advertising will shift further from demographics to behaviours. Less about age and gender and more about passion and interests – state of mind marketing.

2013 Advertising Trends

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