Net Promoter Score Explained in 32 Seconds

Net Promoter Score the Ultimate Question

Philips have come up with an animation which sums up Net Promotor Score in 32 seconds

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The lighter side of Mad Men Season 5


With season 5 of Mad Men nearly upon us and over priced whiskey classes at the ready; here’s some of the best Mad Men teaser content we’ve found on the Internet.

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Finally, an innovative Pinterest marketing campaign

Kotex Pinterest Marketing Campaign

This Pinterest marketing campaign could potentially be the one of the simplest, yet smartest uses of stalking in a new social platform we’ve seen.

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Alfred Hitchcock on the secret of Happiness & Creativity


Alfred Hitchcock on the secret of happiness – 83 seconds of profound truth

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The Creative Ransom – How to land your dream creative job or get killed trying!

the creative ransom

This unique job hunt strategy earned Grinter Spencer meetings with seven creative directors.

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Why 90% of advertising doesn’t work!


Banksy the maverick graffiti artist from England lashes out at ‘The Advertisers’, who, ‘laugh at you’, ‘make you feel small’, make ‘your girlfriend feel inadequate’…

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A lesson in managing social media in sports

FC Spartak Moscow

Asya Shalimova talks about the lessons she has learned managing social media activities for FC Spartak Moscow.

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How Nike’s Marketing Revolution has resulted in a 40% reduction in TV and Print Advertising in the U.S.


Nike are quietly engineering a revolution in marketing. For a start, they have stopped creating crap and now design cool stuff.

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What Social Media Guru’s will look like in 2062. This isn’t pretty.

social media gurus

Time rests for no man or Social Media Guru.

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Will it be another lonely Valentines Day for Misery Bear?

misery bear valentines

Misery Bear is the saddest, loneliest, most suicidal teddy bear in the whole world.

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