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Meet Louise Dohn, a 26 year old Danish designer who is attracting a strong social following

Louise Dohn

Meet Louise Dohn (@LouiseDohn), a passionate 26-year-old Danish multimedia designer and social media expert. @LouiseDohn has already gained over 5000 twitter followers in less than a year. Check out her website & learn why Louise thinks E-Concept Development is the new hottest thing!
What is your secret sauce for Twitter?

I’m actually pretty new to Twitter, I’ve been active for six months, I guess, but I am blessed with some fantastic people/followers like @RealTonyRocha (who has over1 million followers) who has shared my graphic work and tweeted so many nice things about me. My network combined with my passion and knowledge of social media has to be the reason people follow me.

Louise Dohn design work

E-Concept Development

E-Concept Development is the new hottest thing! I graduated in 2011 as a multimedia designer but I love to study, so I wanted to continue. E-Concept Development is a BA-degree where we learn about user experience, usability testing, and philosophy of science, design and e-communication. These are also the reasons why I picked exactly this education – combined all these different classes give me the tools to develop some awesome concepts for multimedia.

Who inspires You?

I get inspired by so many people, but to mention a few; Fabio Sasso – I love his Photoshop tutorials and he’s the founder of, which is a site I frequently visit when I feel creative, but just need that one last inspiring input.

Another one was one I found when I needed inspiration for the design of my portfolio. I wanted to play around with horizontal scroll, yeah I know it’s a tough one, but then I found this guy: and he just made my day – loved his front page. I took a look at his portfolio and he just gets it, it meaning web design. Clear and professional designs and then his own front page just scream fun and creativity, so he absolutely inspired me.

Twitter recommendations

I have to admit I’m a huge fan of Thomas Marzano @ThomasMarzano – he just gets the whole social media stuff. He’s doing magic with social media and for me he’s clearly a man with a plan and not to forget a creative mind! Just inspiring.

The next one is kind of cheesy but I have to name one of my lecturers @JamesNorwood – a British guy who moved to Denmark to teach students like me – and the great thing is it seems like he really loves it. I’ve had sketching classes with this guy, and I tell you – his brain works mysterious ways. If you sketch an idea, I promise you he’ll sketch another 10 ideas/thoughts to improve your idea within 2 minutes. Simply amazing!

The last person is for sure @DaveCaroll – one of my first classes in E-Concept Development was about this amazing guy who was flying with United Airlines when the luggage handlers unfortunately broke his guitar. United Airlines didn’t want to fix it or pay for it, so what does the guy do? Writes a song about it. The song is on YouTube and has been watched more than 11.000.000 times – it’s absolutely my favorite social media story and loved the way he took matters into his own hands.

Which Mad Men character are you closest to?

Uuuh, that is a good question! Honestly, I would say a combination of Pete Campbell and Salvatore Romano. I’m young and ambitious like Pete and I want to be important and feel important, but I’m also a creative person and my mind works its own mysterious ways sometimes too mysterious resulting in sometimes I actually just want to sit in front of the TV to take my mind of things. So I actually relate to both of them in some twisted kind of way.

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