Innovative Marketing

Finally, an innovative Pinterest marketing campaign

This marketing campaign could potentially be the one of the simplest, yet smartest uses of stalking in a new social platform we’ve seen. Pinterest might be the new kid on the social media block however it was only a matter of time until big brands started taking advantage of it.

How it Worked

A creative advertising agency by the name of Smoyz in Israel ran a marketing campaign for Kotex dubbed ‘Women’s Inspiration Day’. This involved stalking, sorry I mean targeting 50 influential Pinterest users, taking the time to understand what they pinned and therefore what interested them. Then based on what they liked smoyz created a customised gift box. Yes sometimes the best marketing isn’t rocket science, it’s just clever.

The Results

Over 90% of the recipients posted about their prizes on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, leading to 2,284 interactions and 694,853 total impressions. Some impressive numbers for sending out 50 gift boxes.

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